Apartment Investment

Apartment Investment Requirements

Apartment Investment Requirements


Research: there is plenty of learning resources online and also in published books and videos teaching you on how to invest in apartments.

Ensure you learn as much as possible to get acquainted with the business before getting started

Apartment Investment Research

Set Goals

Set goals: Have a defined reason for indulging in the business. Examples of these goals may include; for cash flow, retirement plan, etc. It will help you to stay focused throughout the investment period.


Choose a location

Choose a location: choose an area with sufficient capital growth; that way you will be assured of capital gain over the years to come. 

Make sure the apartment is in the area where there is a lot of demand for rentals i.e Auckland city. The location is key apartment Investment Requirements in NZ


Investment Team

  • Choose your team: you will need a lawyer, accountant, real estate broker and a valuation specialist.

    Choosing a good team will ensure a smooth process, especially for a beginner.

Management Strategy

  • Have a proper management strategy: As a beginner, it is probably best to hire a licensed property management company to attain the desired results


Exit Strategy

Have an exit strategy ready: Most people invest in property without thinking the process through to the end. These may include; holding long-term for capital gain, refinancing for lower rates or cash out, renovating for profit, etc

Insurance Policy

Insurance policy: taking an insurance policy for your property is very important. It protects you from losses in the events of fire, earthquakes, etc.


Analyse the Numbers

Analyse the numbers: Property investment is a numbers game, ensure that the property gives you positive cash flow. Expenses must not exceed the income.